Spectra Counselling acknowledges that not everyone has the ability to afford mental health support, and that the Australian mental health care system often forces people to see a practitioner that is a wrong fit for their needs.  To be more accessible to a broader spectrum of people, Spectra Counselling offers a limited number of counselling sessions for concession rates per week. Though we don’t offer the health care rebate, we hope the reduction in price makes us accessible to some people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford counselling.  If you’re planning on having counselling longterm, Spectra is often more affordable than a psychologist whose fees radically jump when the  Medicare rebate runs out.     If you have a concession card, or know that you’d be unable to afford counselling without the concession rate, choose the concession rate on the appointment page.  If you do not need a concession rate, please consider other times before booking a session.  Spectra offers a sliding scale for people who are of other income levels.  All prices are inclusive of GST.

Combined Annual Income           (add incomes for all attending)

1 person

2 people

3+ people

Concession rate

50 minutes = $50

75 minutes = $150

75 minutes = $225

Income tier 1:                                 <$75,000

50 minutes = $140

75 minutes = $180

75 minutes = $250

Income tier 2:                               $75,001 – $140,000

50 minutes = $160

75 minutes = $220

75 minutes = $280

Income tier 3:                                 $140,001- $500,000

50 minutes = $200

75 minutes = $280

75 minutes = $320

Income tier 4:                                 >$500,001

50 minutes = $300

75 minutes = $550

75 minutes = $700

If you cancel a session within 24 hours of the appointment, you will still be charged for the session, as this prevents us from being able to fill that space with someone from the waitlist.