Jenna Trostle

Image credit Sol Santana Photography
(c) Sol Santana Photography

Originally from New York, Jenna received an BA in environmental studies (Honors) from Oberlin College in the USA, then moved to Australia a year later. She finished her Graduate Diploma in counselling from ACAP, completed a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Torrens University (JNI),  wrote her master’s thesis on polyamorous parenting, then moved to Melbourne shortly after graduation.  She founded Spectra Counselling at the beginning of 2018 to provide a space for people to embrace their differences and find inclusive support to be the people they want to be.  She uses an integrative therapeutic approach, melding narrative therapy techniques with person-centred techniques to support her clients in their journeys. She is polyamorous and bi/pansexual, and interested in intersectional feminism, supporting marginalized identities, and defending peoples’ right to embrace their differences and be themselves.  She leads workshops on consent and boundaries, polyamory, and body positivity.  Outside of her practice, she writes and performs poetry, paints, and loves exploring the wonders of Melbourne.