Jenna Trostle (Founder)

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Originally raised in New York (on Munsee Lenape land), Jenna received an BA in environmental studies (Honors) from Oberlin College in the USA, then moved to Australia a year later. She finished her Graduate Diploma in counselling from ACAP, completed a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Torrens University (JNI),  wrote her master’s thesis on polyamorous parenting, then moved to Melbourne shortly after graduation. She is a PACFA clinical registrant, and founded Spectra Counselling at the beginning of 2018 to provide a space for people to embrace their differences and find inclusive support to be the people they want to be.  

Jenna uses an integrative therapeutic approach, melding narrative therapy with person-centred techniques and emotionally focused therapy to support her clients in their journeys. She is polyamorous and bi/pansexual, neurodiverse, anti-racist (understanding that her white privilege means that she has to actively work on unlearning and challenging internalized racism) and interested in intersectional feminism, supporting consensual GRSM (gender, romantic, and sexual minorities) marginalized identities, and defending peoples’ right to embrace their differences and be themselves.  She leads workshops on consent and boundaries and body positivity, runs a panel on polyamory, and often helps facilitate discussions with PolyVic.  Outside of her practice, she writes and performs poetry, paints, and is actively trying to see every waterfall in Victoria.

Jenna is not currently accepting new clients.

Meg Wilson

Meg was born in Savannah, Georgia (USA) and moved to Australia in 2008. After earning a BA in visual and contemporary art from Monash University,she developed a keen interest in psychology and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Art Psychotherapy from Latrobe University. After graduation, Meg joined the day-program team for 4 years at Delmont Hospital, where she facilitated group therapy and received training in DBT, Mindfulness and a Person-Centred approach to recovery. She is currently registered with ACA as a senior member. Meg is passionate about destigmatizing mental health in the public sphere and seeks to create an inclusive culture for those outside the neurotypical framework. 

For the past few years, Meg has lived and worked nomadically throughout much of SE Asia and Europe, teaching workshops about mental health and promoting the acceptance of diversity among individuals and relationship styles including polyamory. She believes strongly in the use of education to shift public perceptions regarding sexuality, self-expression and relationships. Meg uses a person-centred approach within her own therapeutic practice and understands the importance of creating a trusting and non-judgemental space for therapeutic growth. She is particularly interested in how cultural backgrounds shape our understanding of the world and seeks always to respect and understand cultural significance as it applies to a person’s worldview. 

Currently, Meg is working as a counsellor and art therapist with individuals and relationships. She facilitates therapy virtually from her web-based practice, which allows her to accept clients worldwide. She also operates as the co-founder of a mental health education platform called Mind Hike. In her spare time Meg loves hiking, riding her bike and introducing herself to every dog in Melbourne.

Meg has a 3-6 month waitlist. To be put on her waitlist, reach out on our contact page