Have you felt any of the following:

-You’re frustrated that your current support network doesn’t understand your life?

-You feel like your relationships are struggling and you want to interact with them differently?

-You want to communicate more clearly with the people around you?

-You want to explore consensual non-monogamy and talk about it with someone who understands?

Spectra Counselling is a practice in Melbourne, Australia that offers integrative therapy services based on the principals of narrative therapy and person-centred therapy, providing inclusive support to people who don’t want to be part of the status quo. We recognise that the things we struggle with are linked to a broad range of experiences across our whole lives, and that the stories that we create from the events that happen to us shape who we are.  Spectra Counselling aims to be a safer space to explore how the multifaceted experience of our identities affect us and our lives – supporting change and empowerment for our clients. Spectra Counselling is diversity positive, including (but not limited to) welcoming kinksters, sex workers and the rainbow spectrum. We also specialise in consensual non-monogamous relationship counselling for individuals and partners exploring polyamory, relationship anarchy, swinging, and more.