Book an appointment

Spectra Counselling is open at the following times (Calendar is set to Melbourne, AEST):

Monday 10am-5pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 11am-8pm
and Sunday 12pm-4pm

You may book us for individual face-to-face counselling, individual phone or Skype counselling or coaching, and partnered relationship counselling face-to-face or Skype.

Concession times are available Tuesday 2pm-5pm and Sunday 1pm-3pm.  It is still possible to book a standard appointment during those times, but priority is placed on clients needing concession rates.

Please do not choose a concession appointment if you can afford a regularly priced appointment.

Jenna will be overseas from March 6th through March 23rd, 2019.  If you wish to make an appointment during that time, you can book video sessions between the 13th and the 20th.