I am bisexual and polyamorous as well as being a trained relationship counsellor and my partners and I have found Jenna to be understanding, compassionate and inclusive of all 3 of us and our changing and dynamic needs. This is rare, and not ofyen offered by other, traditional, relationship counsellors.I find Jenna’s work to be incredibly respectful of our non-traditional relationship model. Jenna has supported us to all feel valued as we navigate our delicate intimacy needs in an anti-poly culture. Thank you so much.



Jenna is incredibly warm, observant and deeply empathetic. The work is based on healthy boundaries and centres on non- judgemental discussions of patterns, thoughts and problems. I have so much respect for her constant questioning of the dominant and normality and have felt that this really has helped me relate and heal and gain clarity and transparency with myself. I would recommend without hesitation x



Jenna has a rare and unique ability to listen, which enables her to hold space for people in a way I have seldom encountered. Her knowledgable and sharp mind, combined with her compassionate and non judgemental heart, provide a safe and contained space to navigate whatever issues you want to work through or heal from. Jenna is a perfect counsellor for anyone processing emotions and confronting issues related to any non-heteronormative or conventional relationship. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Doing the work with her as your guide will allow movement and healing and deep levels of insight into yourself, love and relating.



I just wanted to thank you for the workshop and let you know that after this month or so, I spontaneously discovered that I almost have no discomfort about my body. I don’t care as much what I wear and how my face looks. Even right now, I am with my mum and though she’s pointing it out all the time, it’s working!  Thank you!

-Bernard (attended the “Naked Bliss” workshop)


I just wanted to say that I’ve been thinking a lot about what you covered in your workshop lately – I thought it was helpful at the time but it’s become so much more important to how I’ve been thinking than I originally realised. I’ve had 3 interactions lately that have been effected by the workshop. In the first, we hooked up once, and then I wanted to pursue things further, and he didn’t. His response was very defensive, but while my response in the past would have been to try and hide how I felt and ‘be cool’, I realised that communicating clearly would be much more helpful (if a bit scary), and told him exactly what I was feeling, and also accepted what he was saying and that it was totally fine. What could have become a very confusing and unhappy situation was cleared up just by me being honest with him, and making him be honest with me (he was really struggling to for a while). In the second, I was kissing a guy, and he wanted to go further and I didn’t, and in the past I would have made excuses for why I didn’t want to, or even in some cases gone further than I wanted to just because I didn’t know how to say no. But in this case, I just told him that I didn’t want to do any more than kiss, and it was so empowering! In the third, the whole thing was so lovely and consensual, but something I’d been thinking about lately was that I need to think more about consent on my part – I’d kinda assumed in the past that guys would always be up for anything because they tend to have a much higher libido and less fear than I do…but I’ve realised that I cannot assume that, so in this interaction I was making sure to wait for the Enthusiastic Yes (as he was also doing) and it just made the whole experience SO good and safe and sexy and happy. So I want to say thank you so much, it was really valuable.

-Mary (attended “The Enthusiastic Yes” workshop)


I have always seemed to have “body issues”. I grew up overweight and I learned from a very early age to feel ashamed for the extra space my body took up. During my teens and into my 20’s I battled hard with my body – from cutting to bulimia, I have tried almost anything I could to minimise who I was. It wasn’t until I turned 25, that the realisation of what I really needed was some unconditional and authentic self-love. This is where the real work began. When Jenna told me about the body positive work shop she was running – I cringed. Getting naked in front of people that I didn’t know sounded terrifying, regardless of how ‘safe the space’ was. I’m the type of girl that didn’t show her arms in a singlet for a decade for fear of judgement and ridicule. But I couldn’t get the workshop, or the idea of doing something so terrifying, out of my head – could I be so brave? What could getting naked represent to me?   I took the leap, I faced a massive (irrational) fear and exposed who I was to a group of loving and supportive people. This body positive workshop taught me the value of being truly vulnerable, to feel the fear and do it anyway. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked back on that workshop and thought ‘fuck, if I can do that, I can do this’. It has helped me define, and bring power back  into, my space. It shifted my mentality from ‘apologising for’ to celebrating who and what I am. This was an integral part of my self-love journey that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Jenna created a space that allowed acceptance but also challenged how we thought about ourselves. Her suggestions were loving and thoughtful, but about all, respectful of where each individual found themselves in that moment of extreme vulnerability. Feel the fear and do it anyway, you have nothing to lose – except maybe some deep seeded self hate and excessive baggage!

-Katrina (attended the “Naked Bliss” workshop)